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Hossam Hassan

Our Head Coach 

Hossam Hassan 

Our head coach, Hossam Hassan, is a talented and internationally recognized coach with 30+ years of fencing experience. He holds nine certifications and degrees from the French Fencing Federation as well as the International Olympic Committee. He has produced 10 top ten finishers in international youth tournaments and 5 top finishers in World Cup events. He was also the National Coach for Egypt from 2002-2004, and during his time with the team, his Women’s Foil team swept the Arab Nations Championship competition. Later that year, his Men’s Foil Team qualified for the 2004 Olympics Games in Athens.


More About The Fencers Academy

How We Got Here and Our Mission

The Fencers Academy is a club dedicated to teaching and promoting the sport of fencing. We were founded by our Head Coach Hossam Hassan and his family in 2009 and have produced nationally and internationally ranked fencers through out the years. Some of our fencers went on and continued the sport of fencing in Ivy league colleges and continue to compete in national, international, and NCAA fencing competitions.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of instructions for the sport of modern fencing, as well as promote the social and athletic interaction of its members through fencing competitions. We want to preserve the history and tradition of fencing in the US and expand the base of support for our community by actively offering fencing related community outreach programs in schools and local summer camps. Our club actively works on hosting more local tournaments for our members to improve and expand their knowledge of fencing and its competitive side. 


Our Services

Classes and Private Lessons

1x week: (4 classes/month)

  • This package is for fencers who have none to little experience in fencing. Fencers will learn the different weapons of fencing, proper foot and blade work, along with team building exercises.  

2x week: (8 classes/month)

  • This package is for fencers that are comfortable with fencing and would like to compete in future tournaments. Fencers will learn fencing rules through structured fencing bouts and group work. 

3x week: (12 classes/month)

  • This package is for fencers looking to compete in the future. We recommend that students start Private Lessons with coach to further expand their fencing knowledge and techniques. 

4x week: (16 classes/month)

  • This package is for competitive fencers who are looking to compete in college, national, and/or international competitions. Lessons are required.

What are Lessons? 

Lessons are one-on-one sessions with our head coach, Hossam Hassan. During that time, coach and the fencer can work together on mastering fencing skills and enhancing the fencers technique. Based on the fencers age, coach will determine if a full or half lesson will be given. 


Beginner Classes

Wednesday 6:30-7:30PM
Saturday 10:00-11:00AM

In our beginner classes, students will learn everything about fencing, from fencing equipment to fencing terms. Students will learn the basics of fencing along with hand-eye coordination and warm-up activities. Followed by fencing bouts conducted and supervised by our instructor(s).  
If you would like to learn more about our beginner classes, come to practice and watch/participate. Your first class is FREE!

Dress Code

Ready to Fence?

We ask that students attend the class in active sports wear such as sneakers, t-shirt, and shorts/sweatpants. Please, no sandals, flip-flops, skirts, or jeans. 
*Fencing equipment will be provided by the club.


Opening Hours

Come Visit!
* Hours may change during holidays

Monday-Thursday: 6:00-9:15PM 

Saturday: 10:00AM-1:00PM

Closed: Friday and Sunday


Get in Touch

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*Kindly include your child's name and age in 'Subject' box. 


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